In the Heights

By Nyack College School of Music (other events)

8 Dates Through Dec 10, 2017

Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Broadway musical, In the Heights, is a comedy in the classic tradition of comedies.  Classic comedies are stories that depict the trials of love and the strains that these trials place on the broader community.  Often in classic comedies, thwarted love, dying love or impetuous love produce a number of conflicts so that the story veers toward tragedy which is only prevented when the characters in conflict with one another forgive each other and bring reconciliation to the community as a whole.  Comedy, then, while employing humor to depict characters and their community setting, is not principally about being funny, but is, at its deepest level, a story line that moves its characters and setting to forgiveness and reconciliation. 

New York City Campus Cast Dates as Leads: Fri 12/1, Sun 12/3, Thurs 12/7, Sat 12/9

Rockland Campus Cast Dates as Leads:  Thurs 11/30, Sat 12/2, Fri 12/8, Sun 12/10

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